Project Outline

Project Overview

SheepGenomesDB is an electronic warehouse containing sequence variants called from the expanding collection of sheep genomes being generated across our research community. Through the application of a single harmonised pipeline for read QC, mapping, variant detection and annotation, SheepGenomesDB makes available variant collections derived in a standardised manner.

These variant collections contain SNP, CNV and indels positioned on the reference genome assembly version 3.1. In the future, variants will be migrated onto new versions of the reference genome as they become available. Importantly, SheepGenomesDB provides users with tools to obtain variants defined by chromosomal location, SNP annotation results or via animals and breeds of interest.

The creators of SheepGenomesDB view this as an essential prerequisite for researchers interested in gene mutation discovery, imputation as it relates to genome-wide association and genomic prediction as well as investigations into genome evolution, domestication and the consequences of selection